Luxury Bath Series #8: Super Bubbly Oil Bath And Shower

June 11, 2018

This is a wild one! Try out this fun super bubble bath on for size. you'll only need two ingredients, and a loofah. We'll share a super special tip at the end for getting rid of stretch marks on your body.


Get a bottle of bubble bath and plug the tub. Blanket the bottom of the tub with bubble bath. Don't let it glomp up on itself. The "sheet" of bubble bath should be semi transparent. If it's too thick it won't lather up.


Run a hot bath. Make sure not to burn yourself, but the steamier the better. Run the bath water until it fills up 1/5th of your bath tub. You want the water line to be low.


As the bath fills with water, lather the bubble bath at the bottom of the tub. At the same time, pour in more bubble bath directly under the spout. By the time you're reached the 1/5th mark, you should have a large collection of bath bubbles.


Sit in your shallow bubble pool. While you lounge in you bubbles, slowly pour olive oil over yourself. Not too much that you feel uncomfortable, or fear standing up in the tub. 


When a good deal of the bubbles have dissolved, or your feel relaxed, stand up and shower off. Let the bubbles go down the drain as you rinse off the excess oil. Your skin should be soft and moisturized. For good measure, rub neosporin over your stretch marks while your skin is still warm to reduce them over time.


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