Box Cake Hack Ingredient Hack

June 12, 2018

Hey y'all, it's Tuesday, which means it's time for a sweet treat. You've successfully managed to slog your way through Monday, and that means you deserve a reward.


If you can't quite afford to go out to shop for one though, here's a quick hack for the poor cake lover. Grab a decent box mix and let's get started!


When I say box mix, I talking about cake mixes that only require two or three more additional items. Imagine a Betty Crocker box, for instance, asking for some oil, water and eggs. Do not confused a standard box mix with "cake flour", substitutes or any box additives. Make sure it says cake mix on the front,


If the box mix is super cheap, this hack may not work. By "super cheap" I mean incredibly off brand. While you don't have to get Betty Crocker, locally produced cake box mixes may not work with this hack. This hack relies on manufacturing habits in regards to the ingredients already included in most franchised cake box mixes.


Instead of vegetable oil, melt a stick of butter. When liquefied, melted butter makes a pretty decent substitute for vegetable oil. Make sure there aren't any lumps after the butter is melted, crushing any bumps with a fork or spoon. Microwave again in you have to. Beat in an egg yolk.


If you're missing bottles water or live in an area with terrible sink water, try milk instead. Like the melted butter, this is a good liquid substitute and will help make your cake fluffier.


Finishing off with a few tasting tips: adding almond extract to vanilla cake with give you life, and you haven't tried something truly delicious until you've added coffee to chocolate cake. If you want to live on the edge, and have a chocolate cake recipe that includes milk, stop by the coffee shop substitute it with a chai latte.



Alternatively, try adding caramel drizzled popcorn to the top of your cake if you lack any cake decorations. It'll look pretty and taste great!



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