Designer Flip Flops

June 12, 2018


If you're looking for something special to keep your eye on while you're out thrifting, why not consider flip flops?


When we think of sick thrift store finds, designer flip flops aren't first on the list. Most of the time when we look up cool thrift store stories, you hear about people finding Versace or Gucci.


But high fashion borrows more and more from lower and middle class people everyday, so much to the point that the kid next door can seem more like an influencer than the rich model going downtown for inspiration. So why don't we start prioritizing comfort more? If someone makes fun of you, all you have to do is wait a few months and whatever you've worn will probably show up on the front of a magazine.


Good designer flip flops are usually made to specifically support your feet while looking stylish, so they're a good buy for someone who wears high heels on a daily basis. They also smell a lot less bad, because there is less of a chance of the last wearer's feet smell getting trapped in the shoe (aeration).


They also look really cute. In order for flip flops to be considered designer, they have to look on point. Aesthetics!

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