Half Shirt Tuck

June 12, 2018


If you've got a fine belt, the half shirt tuck might be just what you need.


Sometimes our clothes are so on point that we can't dream of covering up any part of them. If you want to show off your wait while adding a little asymmetry to your outfit, try the half shirt tuck.


The half shirt tuck works best with a button down shirt. If you don't have a button down shirt, there's a good chance that the tuck will be uneven. While asymmetry looks cool, accidental wrinkles do not. Button down shirts are already divided into halves, so you don't have to worry about looking sloppy. 


Button your button up shirt halfway before putting on your pants. Draw your pants over your waist before you begin to close them, making sure one half of the shirt is neatly tucked into the pants. 


Double checking to make sure everything is even, you can zip up and use your belt to hide and uneven folds from where half the shirt is beginning to edge out of your pants.

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