The Collector

June 12, 2018


Your footsteps echo as you run through the grand halls. The excitement that spurred you to start is gone now, replaced by fascination with your own movements. Being in here makes you feel extremely small. The curved design of the ceiling causes everything to reverberate. Your footsteps echo upward and bounce down, lightly thrumming in your bones. You wonder what it would sound like if you were wearing heels.


Someone calls you. Their voice winds down the halls and dissolves into lyrical gibberish by the time it reaches you. You look around, trying to find a familiar face, but you see none. 


They call again, louder this time. In the dim light, they sound ghostly in a way that makes your heart pound. You've only ever gotten this feeling from reading books. It helped that you were surrounded by just about every fantastical cliche from your favorite novels.


The wood panels lining the wall were dark and freshly polished, giving the antique wall sconces something pretty to reflect off of. Old floral wallpaper peeled away at the corners, reveling a charming old yellow wall underneath.


Charming old yellow wall. You smile. If your girlfriend heard you say that out loud she would think you were were crazy. As someone who was always pulling up rotting floorboards, repairing light fixtures and building foundations, there was nothing "charming" about an obvious sign that a building was falling apart.


Thinking about her studio, you imagine the smell of wood chips and sigh. The smell of old books seeps through the walls. It has to be from somewhere else. The only thing in here are canvases.


You've never seen so much surrealist art in one place. Gazing longingly at the walls, you let your hand drift before one of the frames. It seems to hum under your hand. If you reached forward and thought hard enough, could you slip inside?


Your fingertips press against the winged cat sticking it's tongue out at you. No such luck.


Even though it's not real, you can't help but feel a little jealous. What would flying actually feel like? You've always wondered. Fingering the aviator goggles around your neck, you wonder what it would be like to actually be in the clouds as your whole self, body and all with a pair of wings that were your own. Day dreaming could only get you so far, and flying planes was barely enough.


Groaning, you look at the polished floor. The canvases all warp; the floor isn't quite reflective but it is shiny. It's easier to look at all the places you can't visit this way.


Pausing, you realize how ridiculously melancholy you sound. Snorting, you fingers your beret as you start walking again. God, you were so melodramatic. swirling your finger around in your pocket, you touch the collection of trinkets you'd slowly collected after tramping through old places like this.




You turn around just in time to be swooped up by your girlfriend, who automatically starts scolding you about getting your head lost in the clouds. She reminds you not to wander off again for the fiftieth time, and begins to guide you out.


"So are you going to flip it?" You ask.


She nods.


"Can I look through it one more time?" You whisper.


Sighing, she rolls her eyes and lets you go. You immediately dart down the wall, eager to go back through the huge ballroom full of chandeliers as she struggles to keep pace.


"Slow down!"


"Keep up!"



The Collector is another eclectic style with a casual twist. In order to collect, The Collector needs to be easily able to move from place to place. Most of the style comes from accessories like shoes and belts.


The main event takes form in tops, which usually have a surrealist style. Those looking to emulate this style should look for famous surrealist art pieces printed on shirts or shirts inspired by surrealist art pieces. The actual design of the shirt should come close to resembling t-shirts, or at least something else simple.


If you want some flair, try berets, which look fancy while being low maintenance. The adjustable band keeps it from slipping off, and and doesn't have any excess pieces that can catch onto something else or glance against a corner and fall off. Beanies are also good.


Jewelry is usually minimalist, and often useful. Try aviator goggles as a "necklace", or a chained compass as a bracelet.


Thick belts are a huge plus. Decorative belts are also good. Their design means you can be a lot more "flamboyant" without worrying that it will fall off. They can be mixed and matched with shoes. The best kind of shoes for The Collector are shoes that are durable, like hiking or combat boots, but can still be written on for quick notes.


Any sort of flexible bottom is good. Pants and shorts are, of course, at the top of the list. Cargo pieces give you a lot of pockets for collecting, and look really cool when paired with tall socks.

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