Tomato Scrub Brush

June 12, 2018


 Here's a quick lifehack for a scrub you've probably never tried before. Tomato scrub brush!


Scrubs are nothing new. They help rub away at any dead skin cells, leaving your skin looking brighter. Add a little sugar to a tomato to work as the scrub and get the same results to a greater effect by combining the positive benefits of a tomato.


Tomato benefits include relief from skin problems by stimulating blood pressure. Stimulating blood pressure helps your skin regenerate dead skin cells. It also reduces inflammation, which can make your face look swollen as well as irritated.


Full of antioxidants, tomato will give you a good dose of minerals and vitamins, which is what makes our tomato hack so great.


Cut a tomato in half and sprinkle it in sugar. Grasp half of the tomato and use it lie a makeshift brush. Dampen your face before you begin to use to tomato. Move it gently over your face in gentle circles.


Do this for about a minute before rinsing any sugar on your face off with warm water. Apply moisturizer and enjoy your fresh face.









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