A Spice Rack Is The Ultimate DIY Perfume Display

June 14, 2018



If you've just graduated from college, you've probably got a ton of stuff you don't use. Mostly because you're too poor to buy the stuff that goes with it!


A clothes organizer is useless if you only have two shirts, a wine rack is ridiculous if you can't afford wine, and a spice rack is useless without spices.


If you have the later, or happen to have been especially lucky at a garage sale, this little hack is great for any useless perfume you might have received!


The little shelves of the spice rack is great for balancing small bottles of perfume. It keeps the perfume out in the open, and looks neat. You'll remember to use the perfume, that way when your parents ask why you don't wear the perfume, you can say you remembered to use it up before you saw them again.


If you want to perfume to last ore than three seconds, you can wrap your clothes in perfume the night before you wear them. Simple fold your shirt over the bottle and slide it into a draw, so the smell is compressed into a small space. Make sure a bit of the smell if "seeping out" so you don't wait in anticipation for six hours only to find out your clothes weren't even absorbing the smell.

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