Ice Cube Trays As Eye Shadow Organizers

June 14, 2018


 Here's a super quick lifehack for those of you out there who get a little neurotic with their makeup. 


While there is such thing as organized chaos, there is also something called a chaotic number. Or when you get so much makeup you start to forget some of it exists. Having a way to keep your makeup out in the open and organized is a great way to come up with new looks. You can't use fully utilize all your makeup if you lose it!


That's where ice cube trays come in. Professional makeup holders can be super expensive. Ice cube trays are a nice alternative that can also be super quirky if you put your mind to it. 


There are plenty of ice cube trays made to look cute. With the crafting community growing larger each day, more regular items are getting "cutified" each day:  hairbrushes with faces on them, face masks made to look like characters' faces, etc.


You can go out and buy an ice cube designed with this in mind, but if you want something a little more plain that's still more decorative than a regular ice tray, try spray painting it metallic. There are a bunch of great, cheap brands of metallic spray on Amazon for you to buy. all you have to do is set up a large sheet of paper, get your spray, and be thorough.


Once the spray is dried, you can organize your eye shadow however you want. If you like to play ahead, why not try days of the week. If you're going for a certain aesthetic for a block of time, you can organize it by color palette. That way when you want to be a "beauty in blue", all the colors you need are in one place.

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