Wish Stick

June 14, 2018


It can be pretty easy to be angry in an unforgiving world full of darkness. If you need a cheap way to get rid of your anger, why not try this technique. I've used it in times of anger, and it usually makes me feel somewhat better!


It gets you tired at least.


I call this little trick a wish stick. All a wish stick takes is a stick, a knife and a heart full of wild fury. Take the knife and carve an ugly desire into the stick. Be careful not to cut yourself. Knifes can be pretty dangerous. Just like you when you're angry!


Once you've carved an ugly desire into the stick, get a good grip on the stick. If the stick is too big or hard to wrap your hand all the way around, proceeding with this method might be considered by some to be "dangerous". If you're going to move forward, you need a stick you can get a good grip on. If you've failed this step, go back and get a different, smaller stick.


Once you've gotten the primordial stick ready, use it to whack the ground. Hold the stick away from you so it doesn't bounce up and whack you in the face. This has the same effect of beating a pillow, but the effort will make you more tired, and more likely to tucker out.


Once you're done, stash away the stick for later or stick it in the trash. It depends on whether the thing you're angry about is recurrent or not.

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