Fill Candy Jars With Nail Polishes

June 18, 2018

Here's another thrifty way to convert something old you think you don't have a use for anymore. Candy jars!


Candy jars are more for ambiance nowadays. Unless you're in a doctors office or visiting the dentist. Then it's for stale gum, stickers and floss.



 The sort of good candy you used to be able to get from candy jars are more likely to pop up in an upscale grocery store. That leaves the candy jars searching for purpose. And what better purpose is there than the upkeep of nails?



Candy jars can be great grab bags for quick makeovers of general nail supplies. Use them to display all your nail polishes, as well as all your nail supplies such as files, clippers, tweezers, buffers and brushes. It looks great when you separate the polishes by color. Keeping all the original packaging also makes this look very professional and organized, like all your stuff is brand new.


If you're looking for a way to organize your bathroom or to set the ambiance for a sleepover, I seriously recommend this. It makes for a very utilitarian centerpiece.

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