The Saving Sink Hack

June 29, 2018

Who wants to hear a great lifehack for remembering to save money while on a budget?


Don't worry thrifty shoppers, you can use this one too. Just because you're shopping at the dollar store doesn't mean you're not at risk for getting too excited. Sometimes instead of reminding us we have certain financial goals, the low prices at the dollar store can make us feel free to buy even more -- to the point we make up the difference we would've saved by opting for a cheaper store.


I call this lifehack "The Saving Sink Hack".



Unless you live in a micro apartment, the size of your sink is probably pretty average. It needs to be deep enough so there's a sizable amount if water if you plugged up the drain, which can be used to clean the sink.


In the case of a lot of women, it can also be used for a lot of beauty routines. See hot towel soaks or washing off a mask.


The depths of a sink can be used for saving as well however. When you're on a budget, image a sink or use your actual sink to see if you can fit all your products into it. While it's okay for a long bottle to overlap onto the counter and for your to stack a couple of things, there's a surefire sign that you might want to dial your shopping back a bit.


You know you're pushing it if all your bathroom things spill over and can barely be contained on the counter. Try to narrow down your self care line into multi-purpose products if you run into this problem and want to minimize costs. You know you're on the right track if your new routine can fit in the sink. In the future, you might just see a significant increase in savings!

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