Luxury Bath Series #14: Tea Tree Mint Sage Bubble Bath

July 1, 2018

What's one of your favorite ways of relaxing? For a lot of people, it's taking a nice bath. One of my favorite baths is a tea tree mint sage bubble bath. It feels super refreshing, and only requires a bit more clean up than my other baths.


The ingredients are pretty easy to get your hands on and there are only three. So it shouldn't take you that long to make. If you want a strong smell to last on your body afterwards, use hot water for a steam-soak.


You need tea tree oil. Go ahead and dump a cap full into the tub while the water is running so the oil will spread over the surface of the water. Then drop a handful of mint leaves in too. Alternatively, you can pour in a strong cup of mint tea.



Add sage to strengthen the scent along with half a bottle of bubble bath. You'll feel like you're being embraced like a fairy cloud. Keep a watch on the actual water line of the bath. You don't want to overflow the tub, but you don't want to be intimidated by the rising bubbles and end up sitting in only an inch of water.


Enjoy your bath!


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