Thrifty Breakfast Series #1: Avocado Handful With A Soft Boiled Egg

July 1, 2018

I'm always looking for was to help people to live thriftier and one of the biggest dents in a budget is food. So here's another one of my series to hopefully help you to save costs using the handful method.


If you've ever taken a health class, or looked into portion control at all, you might know that eating in the United States is a bit crazy. Super sizing food is one of the easiest ways to entice customers under the belief that they're getting more for their buck. Technically they are, but when looking at how much you should eat, that's not always good.


Disclaimer, I am not a doctor and I am not about to suggest that you stop eating. Anorexia is almost as big, if not bigger, than obesity on the big list of eating problems in America. However, starting with portion sized meals is one of the fastest ways to get on track and to start saving money.


Some people definitely need more than a handful, but by divvying up your meal that way, you cut down the chance of overeating. You don't need to feel the need to eat everything on your plate, which you could've over filled, because your plate is small. After a while of using this method you'll notice your hunger start to shrink, or at least you'll think twice before going back for thirds. 


Place handfuls of your planned meals on individual saucers. If you don't have saucers, space them out of your normal plates until the portions look "visually separate". You can start out with the amount of food you usually eat, but each time you eat one section, you'll be sending a reminder to yourself that you've eaten "one portion".


In cases where a meal is low calorie or low protein, this won't be a big deal, but it'll help you start memorizing how much you're eating. In cases where you are eating something high calorie or with a lot of fat, you'll be receiving a constant reminder that you might want to slow down.


1. Let's start with our first palm sized meal. Get a ripe avocado and cut it in half before removing the pit. Deepen the hole in the pit with a spoon, lightly scooping at the natural duvet until it's egg shaped.



2. Chop up some delicious cheap apples. Usually one is enough. Cut it into fine enough cubes that you barely have to chew. Act as if you're preparing it for a toddler.



3. Soft boil an egg and season it with salt and pepper. Set it on the avocado duvet. Put the avocado on the small bowl full of/pile of apple. Once it's balanced, gently cut the egg in half with a knife. The yolk will run into the rest of the avocado. Enjoy the taste of the firm but creamy avocado mixed with the yolk. The apples will keep your meal well rounded and go with the aftertaste of the avocado.



Like I said, you can make more than one, but placing them on different places of your setting will help you with portion control. Enjoy!

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