Showing Emotion Through Color

July 2, 2018

Color has a huge impact on clothes. The color of a garment can change the vibe it gives completely. If you're looking to craft a "look" that projects something specific, this hand color guide could really help.


Of course, these colors in it of themselves won't carry you're entire outfit. But if you're putting effort into what you're choosing, being specific with color can really top it off. For example, ____ might not give off a passionate vibe by itself, but if you add accessories with the vibe in mind (passionate = dramatic floor length dress, dress split, retro wide brimmed hat, smoky makeup, etc.) it's best that they are this color in order for the outfit to reach it's potential.


You obviously don't have to do this, but it really helps if you feel a little lost. It's pretty comprehensive, so you'll probably find your favorite color in here.


Pink -> Happiness

Rose-> Compassion

Light Red-> Love

Red-> Passion

Dark Red-> Dark Passion, Moodiness



Bright Orange-> Curiosity

Orange-> Emotional

Dark Orange-> Suspicion, Edginess

Brown-> Discomfort (For Shy Looks)



Light Yellow-> Relaxed

Yellow-> Energetic 

Dark Yellow-> Bravery



Light Green-> For Inspiring Envy

Green-> Luck

Dark Green-> Freshness



Turquoise-> Serenity

Light Blue-> Sadness 

Blue-> Nostalgia

Dark Blue-> Artistic Depression



Lavender-> Innocent Passion

Bright Vibrant Violet-> Brief, Intense Anger

Purple-> Cool Anger



White-> Purity

Gray-> Stunted

Black-> Elegance

Gold-> Royalty

Silver-> Lower Nobility



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