Thrifty Breakfast Series #3: Eggs And Avocado Toast With Raspberries And Blueberries

July 2, 2018

Who wants to have a second breakfast? I do! Always. Constantly. I'm always hungry.


This one is a pretty good hack if you want to practice portion control. It's also pretty thrifty, because it lasts for twelve breakfasts. That's almost two weeks of breakfasts after just five purchases. Let's just right into this simple breakfast hack.


Rinse off your blueberries and raspberries. If you have a sauce cup, like the kind used for sauces, go ahead and put the fruit in there. if not you can put it in a normal bowl. Then put the still damp fruit into the freezer. 



Move onto the egg. The egg is the most important part of this recipe. Fill the bottom of the pan with a super thin layer of oil. Set the temperature to high and crack an egg into the pan. As it quickly cooks, slip a piece of toast into the toaster. 


Once the bottom if the egg is solid (which should only take a few seconds) flip it. It shouldn't take much longer for the other side to get solid too -- probably less than a minute.


After the yolk turns white, scoop it onto a saucer. or some other type of plate for later. Don't eat it yet. Go ahead and add salt an pepper if you have it.



Once the toast is done, smear it with avocado. You can get a raw avocado fruit and mash it up, making a fresh spread, or you can get some premade avocado spread. Gently place the egg on top of the avocado. The inside should still be yolky, so when you bite into it, the tastes will mingle.


Pull out your chilled fruit and enjoy it alongside the avocado toast!

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