Ugly Sweater Pretty Girl

July 2, 2018



Good God this was an ugly sweater.


You thumb the sleeves, thankful that it wasn't itchy at least, because that was the only positive quality that could be taken from all of this. Whoever designed this must have been out of their mind.


You feel a little silly making that judgement call. After all, you aren't much of a fashionista yourself. The entire reason you were able to convince your other to come in here was because she thought the stuff in the aisles would be right up your alley.


But even you had to draw the line. This sweater was so hideous it had to be on purpose. Maybe the designer did it as a joke, or some kind of bet. This kind of fabric disaster was not birthed on accident. Everything had to be intentional, to the loud, messy color palette to the cut of the sleeves to the fact that you can't tell if the lint clinging on it is actually lint of some kind of botched texture.


Ugly sweater parties were a thing right? This had to be for one of those. It had to be.


"Do you like it?"


You try not to look at your mother like she's lost her mind. She was being nice by bringing you here after all. Just because you didn't like the sweater didn't mean you could start being a jerk to her. It was your fault you were wearing this anyway. You were the one who pointed it out in the window.


The idea of putting it on had seemed funny at first. but now that you were out of the dressing room, you could feel everyone looking at you. Judging you. Someone walking spares a glance in your direction, does a double take, and goes crashing into a mannequin.


You wince. This might be a bit too much for your plan. Maybe you should put it back.


"It's called peacocking baby. How do you think I became such a ladies man?"


Blanching, you shake your head. No, you had already committed yourself to the plan, There's no backing out now.


That douche bag at the party might've been, well, a douche bag. But he did have sort of a point. You always ended up alone at parties. Someone always invited you too yes, but they seemed to disappear the moment you stepped in. You didn't socialize enough to have acquaintances. Maybe drawing attention to yourself in an odd way to get the ball rolling was a step in the right direction.


Besides, your personality wasn't trash, so there was a high chance that you would actually make friends this way instead of drawing people in only to say something gross.




Ugly Sweater Pretty Girl is a fairly simple aesthetic. The only main piece is extremely ugly sweaters, meant to draw attention to the wearer and by proxy their face. Once you put on this aesthetic, I suggest you put a lot of effort into some stunning makeup. Unlike other styles, the makeup doesn't have to follow a specific palette. The entire purpose is simply to stand out in a room, so anything eye catching will do fine.


The only restriction is that you don't wear any makeup that totally eclipses your features. Contouring and the like is perfectly fine, but if you're wearing something that completely conceals one of your features or make them plainer you've got the wrong idea.


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