A Wine Rack Will Hold Your Hairsprays

July 6, 2018

Here's a another quick organizing hack for people with a lot of hair problems. Using a wine rack to organize your hairsprays is a very fun, very cute way to organize your hair products.


It keeps everything in your line of sight, you you don't buy more product than you need. It's also a nice way to turn the color and designs of your cans into a bit of an art piece. A lot of companies do a great job at making their products as pretty as they are effective. Organizing them in the wine rack allows you to set the colors next to each other in a way that really brightens up your bathroom.


If you don't know what a wine rack is, it's basically a case full of round spaces made for wine bottles to be slipped into. They can easily be co-opted for hairsprays, and make a super easy space for getting ready in the morning and packing up at night.


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