Angry Contour

July 6, 2018

There was something fun about being rough with your face.


On any other day, you wouldn't ever dare think that. Pouring over magazines was one of your favorite past times. Mostly because no one else read them anymore and you could always convince the cashier to give them to you for super cheap. They got sick of seeing the same magazine covers over and over.


Enough of the articles had talked about accidentally causing premature aging that you basically treated your face like a priceless Ming vase. You dabbed instead of dragging a towel against your face. You moisturized more than you called your mother. You used a sponge brush as much as possible, because you were afraid of scratching your face with your nails. And when you did use your hands, it was usually with two layers of gloves. Last year you came up with a six point system that didn't let you buy anything unless it had at least a thousand different great ratings on six different sites.


Today you couldn't care less. The past few days had been nothing but disaster after disaster. You couldn't come up with the energy to go through your usual meticulous routine. The hour you usually allotted to smearing on product had been spent punching your pillow.


You couldn't just head out thought. As angry as you were, you still cared about how you look. Looking in the mirror, your face seemed pale and washed out. If you lost your usual ability to command attention, you'd only get even angrier.


Slowly, you reach for your makeup bag. Despite your attempts to remain cool, you all but drop it in front of yourself and shove your hands inside. You fingers twist around your products and you unceremoniously dump them in the sink.


Wincing, you try to get a handle on yourself, but find you can't untense your hands as you start slapping on foundation. Angrily blending, you start sharply contouring your face, barely blending in the shadow and being a little more generous with the highlight than normal.


Your cat eye is sharp, and a bit bigger than normal. You brushes push through a couple of colors you've never dared used before, and by the time your done your face looks just as angry as you are.


Chest heaving, you start to slow down, more than a little surprised. You expected a mess at best. Something that looked like it started out right but descended into madness after an "accident with the car" or "getting caught in the rain outside". That's what you planned to tell your employees anyway.


Running with it, you dart into your boyfriend's closet and pull out something that would look baggy on your body. In the back you find something old that you know he won't miss, and toss it over some shredded shorts.


Maybe today won't be so bad after all.



Angry Contour really is a #mood. It embraces anger and other passionate emotions with dramatic makeup that highlights the edges of your body, and clothes that bring out your lines.


When it comes to makeup, contouring is usually best with this style. It brings out the bones in your face. Blend regularly when contouring, making sure to blend your highlights. But when it comes to your darkened cheekbones, go back over them until they begin to stick out. Cat eyes will bring out your eyes in a way that truly embraces Angry Contour, as long a the lines are super sharp. When it comes to eye shadow, go with darker muted colors before adding a splash of red or something bright so it stands out more.


Distressed is the name of the game when it comes to wardrobes. Try ripped up jeans and blouses made to look broken, or over-sized pieces you can secure with a couple of belts in order to create more lines over your outfit. Chunky shoes are a must. Wet looking hair is a bonus.





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