Thrifty Breakfast Series #4: Spinach Apple Almond Smoothie Bowl

July 6, 2018

Smoothie bowls are one of the more neglected choice breakfasts. This is partly because more extreme dieters have takes to really plain smoothies that lack essential nutrients as a result of their strictness, and drink them constantly in place of solid food.


However, if you treat smoothie bowls more like cereal, they can be super healthy. As long as the smoothie bowl is varied, and sprinkles with lots alternatives, it can be a great alternative to breakfast brand cereal.


Here's an oldie but a goodies: The Spinach Apple Almond Smoothie Bowl



It's pretty easy to prepare, so let's jump right in.


1. Acquire some spinach or some mixed greens, whatever is more easily available to you. Most smoothie makers can handle leafy plants, but if you want to make sure you don't get any stem, you might want to go ahead and cut it into strips when you get how. You don't have to arrange the greens in any special way. Simply grab a fist full and cut through them on the counter or a chopping board in a swiping motion.



2. Sugarbee apples are super sweet and result in the best product when recreating this recipe. I suggest two apples per smoothie bowl when you make this, but if you have some other apple alternative that tastes sweet you can go with tat too. Make sure they're clean before cutting them into slices and removing the seeds.



3. Buy some sweetened protein milk. There are plenty of casual brands for people who aren't quite looking to bulk up but are protein deficient or simply want more protein. A couple are flavored with vanilla or some other sweetener, and work best for this recipe.


If you can't find that at a reasonable price however, feel free to substitute the protein milk with sweetened almond milk or some other flavored milk substitute.



4. The last thing you'll need is a ton of nuts and some coconut shavings. I recommend almonds, which is great for hair and nails. However, is you have a favorite nut, be sure to acquire at least three hand fulls. Cashews are also great, especially with their semi slick shell. 



5. Blend the greens with the apples and the milk. You should get a beautiful green smoothie that is thick enough to be ladled with a spoon. pour the nuts in as your "cereal" and sprinkle the coconut on top. Enjoy!

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