The Living Advertisement

July 9, 2018

You try to keep your eyes on the board as you friend hisses from across the room. The class titters as a piece of crumpled up paper goes through the air towards you and over your head. It bounces on the floor in front of you and knocks against your ankle.


The teacher turns, glancing at all of you suspiciously. Keeping our head down, you continue to scribble down notes. Her heels clack as she refocuses on the board. Struggling not to laugh, you glance back at your stupid best friend.


Overacting way more than she needs to, she frantically pulls at her shirt and points to yours. 


"Where?" She mouths.


"I'll tell you later," You mouth back.


Chest shaking as you muffle your laughter, you try to go back to writing, but another piece of paper glances against your back. The teacher puts her marker down, and for a second you tense up. Instead of turning around to scold you, she says she's going down to the office to get papers for the class.


The second the door closes behind her, your friend zips to the front and crouches next to your legs. 


"Where did you get that shirt?" She demands.


You grin, looking down. You had both been a huge fans of the TV show. Your friend had just about every piece of official merchandise. But this wasn't official merchandise.


Standard fan shirts were printed on pain shirts, which was fine, but you loved what the independent artist had down with this. It was distressed, made to be work over a bralette or a tank top. The entire concept of the show was a nightmare realm that people fell into through holes, and the artist had written the tittle of the shows around the holes in your shirt as if they were trying to avoid falling in.


Fans around school had been pointing it out all day, and you were kind of loving the attention. You had just found out about the show, so people had been ribbing you about catching up.


"I'll never tell," You grin, leaning back.


A small crowd gathers around you, one of the benefits of being in middle school. People were fascinated by the smallest things.


"I've got a guy," You brag. 


The teacher walks back in, and stares at the wonder that is easily distracted children. People start to ask you about your special shirt guy as if it's some sort of thing, but it's something you care about, so you guess it kind of is a thing.

The Living Advertisement is pretty easy, if not a bit ironic, It centers around memorabilia for a creative property not made by the owners. fan stores and the like tend to come up with really creative way to incorporate property imagery into creative pieces, giving you a niche look people will have to look really hard to find while showing off something you love.


Check online stores that let people post products to like Esty. It take a minimum of three pieces to make an outfit "The Living Advertisement".






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