Thrifty Breakfast Series #6: Protein Pancakes With Mixed Berries

July 9, 2018

The best part of this recipe is that it makes making pancakes a little easier. One of the more difficult breakfast recipes for people who don't cook for a living is pancakes. It's hard to get that "pancake shape", and with so many mixes combined with revisions added on by family members, most people just buy them.


These healthy pancakes are much easier, though they taste a little different. You really just need a blender to make the batter, and a hot stove with a pan.


1. Scoop some protein powder into the mixer. Usually a literal scoop is fine, but if your scooper happens to be really small, adjust your measurement to a handful. If you like your pancakes hardy add an extra "scoop". Protein powder "made for vegans" or with a lot of natural ingredients are the best because they'll have a lot more flavor when combined with other ingredients. Try going for something with a lot of nuts.



2. Add three egg whites. It's easier to get the yolk out with a water bottle. Gently empty one and squeeze the sides, before placing it over the yolk. Loosen your grip and watch the yellow go upwards.


Next you'll add one banana. Blend the mixture and pour enough into the pan that you can still flip the pancake when it's done. It cooks fast, so be careful. When you're done you can sprinkle it with powdered sugar and berries before eating. 


Protein powder containers last a long time, so this is a thrifty way of making a ton of breakfasts.

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