Thrifty Breakfast Series #5: Scrambled Eggs And Arugula

July 9, 2018

This one is relatively simple. The directions are basically in the title. But it can be surprisingly filling and save you a lot of money. 


Arugula if you've never had it, is slightly bitter and peppery. It's probably one of the most filling greens, and tastes way better than dry kale. It'll taste more flavorful with eggs, which will give a bit of moisture if you're not used to the taste. If you can't find it in the market, it's also called 'Rocket' due to it's french name roquette. 


Oil a pan with about a dime's worth of oil and let it heat up. When the oil easily glides around the pan it's hot enough. Crack two eggs and season them with salt and pepper.


When it starts to change color, push it around the pan until it's a whitish yellow color. Make sure all the yolk is gone. Go ahead and dump the arugula on to before scooting it into a pan.


It's messy, but presentation isn't an important part of the meal. If the taste of the eggs and arugula is mixing together you know you're doing something right. In my experience, brown eggs taste best.



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