Thrifty Breakfast Series #7: Rose Soy Milk Tea With Honey Peach

July 14, 2018

Breakfast drinks can get pretty expensive, Once you start seeking out variety, money gets added for every new ingredient you seem to come across. There's an entire market for the "effects" certain drinks are supposed to have on your mood, such as calming, energizing, etc.


Here's a simple recipe to recreate one of the "fancy" teas you might've seen marked down for ten dollars somewhere. You just need a couple of things.


Before you start, get some rose tea. You can usually find this in a regular grocery store if you look hard enough, Rosehip works just as well.



Then you'll want some soy milk. Almond milk works just as well. The key is to make sure that the milk is really organic. If t's not organic, like Silk, the milk will "burn" and the tea will come out with a really weird taste.


 They make honey that goes especially well with tea like herbal honey, but any honey will do really. You will need a lot.


On top of that, you want to seek out one of the following. Cinnamon, nutmeg or vanilla extract. Together, these three ingredients combined with the rest can make a fairly strong taste that might put you off if you like to slowly wake up in the morning.



If you want to add a little sweetness, remember to grab a bag of sugar. 


When it comes to equipment, you'll need a small pot and a mesh strainer. Let's really get started!


1. Set a burner on low and pour a cup your milk into a pot. 

2. Add the rose tea. If you went with the rose hip, make sure the buds are crushed.

3. Toss in a pinch of the cinnamon or nutmeg. If you choose vanilla, add 1/4 teaspoon.

4. Pour in a tablespoon of honey. Let the brew sit on the burner for 10 minutes, stirring counterclockwise. Do not let it boil. If you let it boil, it will burn. 

5. After the ten minutes at low heat have passed, remove the pot fro the burner and let it steep for two minutes.

6. If you used rosehip, remove the buds with the strainer.


As your tea is steeping, you're going to want t add the final touch. The honey peach!



Simply cut a peach in half and pour honey over it's surface until it's sitting in a small puddle. You'll want it to be completely drizzled, so you dirty your fingers when you pick it up. If you don't have a peach, a plum like the once shown above can also make a sweet substitute.


Enjoy your meal!

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