Thrifty Breakfast Series #8: Whipped Banana Oatmeal

July 14, 2018

Oatmeal is one of the classics for a reason. It's been around for a long time. Of course, any OG knows that if you're that old you're sure to garner a lot of criticism. That's partly because oatmeal started out as a meal first, palette pleaser second. 


Not a lot of people know how to season it, so the lumpy texture takes over and it can end up being really gross. But this recipe will help you enjoy it like you've never enjoyed it before. 


You just need a couple of things: banana, granola, milk, almond butter and of course, oatmeal!


Pour a cup full of oatmeal into a pot. Start filling the pot with oatmeal so all the grains are damp. The oatmeal shouldn't be swimming in milk, or else it will be really soupy. All of the grains should be damp, and there should be just enough that the oats start to float.


Set the burner to medium heat and wait for it to gently boil. It shouldn't be broiling to to point you constantly see bubbles everywhere, but the surface should be rippling.


As you wait for it to reach this point, mash up two fresh, firm bananas. While bruises are harmless, seeing the dark marks in the lumpy oatmeal can be off putting, and their sweetness can mess with the evenness of the meal. One they are ashed, mix them in with the softly boiling oatmeal



Test the mixture with your spoon, which you should be using the mix the mixture clockwise. Blow on it before putting it in your mouth. If the oats have softened enough to dissolve in your mouth, then the oatmeal is done.


Pour the oatmeal out into a bowl. Top it with granola and drizzle the almond butter on top. 



If the almond butter is hard to drizzle, you can either dump chunks on top (think sour cream on a potato) or you can heat it up in a plate in the microwave, then try drizzling it again. Enjoy your oatmeal!

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