Air-To-Chip Ratio Cheatsheet

July 18, 2018

If you're struggling to make it on your own, chips and other snacks can be a cheap lifesaver. However, it's not uncommon for companies to try and skimp out on product by filling chip bags with air,


Here's a little "chart" to tell you just how much air is in approximately present in certain chip brands.



Tostitos Scoops: 34% Air


Cheetos: 59% Air


Stacy's Pita Chips: 50% Air


TERRA: 49% Air


Sun Chips: 41% Air



Doritos: 48% Air 


Kettle Brand: 47% Air


Cape Cod: 46% Air


Popchips: 45% Air


Lays: 41% Air



Pringles: 28% Air


Lays Baked: 39% Air


Fritos: 19% Air

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