Textured Shoes And Purses

July 20, 2018


Looking good from top to bottom is usually a saying, but it's an important note for aesthetics too.


Shoes have become a pretty big industry as of late. Everyone needs shoes, but a little thrifting can get you more than the bare minimum. Shoes with texture can be a beautiful thing, from tennis shoes with mesh.


Shoes can be upcycled with all sorts of cool tricks too. Replacing the laces with some on the opposite side of the color wheel is a great way to make them look striking. If you take extra good care of them, they'll always be the highlight of your look, alongside your bag.


I recommend buying a toothbrush from the dollar store and sitting down to clean your favorite pair of shoes with them once a week for about half an hour. Buff out skid marks and use the brush to get rid of dirt. Combined with the lace hack, your shoes will look great next to you purse.


When copying this tip, I personally recommend going for asymmetrical purses with the same color. This gives you two connected pieces, one high up on your body and once down low. It sort of looks like a view finder; you have something framing the "top" of the "subject" and the "bottom" of the "subject". It's unified and pleasing to the eyes because the color is the same, but the unique design and texture makes them stand out.

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