Thrifty Breakfast Series #10: Omelette Burrito With Cucumber Infusion

July 20, 2018

Omelettes are great! They're an amazing way to make a full meal out of almost nothing. the bare minimum for an omelette is three eggs and one filling. We're going to keep it simple today and do exactly that. At the end, we'll top it off with a cucumber infusion.


Grease up a small pan. You can use a stick of butter or cooking oil. I personally recommend canola oil, but you can also use olive oil if you want a healthier alternative. You don't want a puddle of it, but you should come pretty close. The "grease" should still be moving around the pan if you tilt it once it's hot.


Crack three eggs into a bowl and beat them until you see bubbles. It should be a creamy yellow color. If you have trouble reaching this checkpoint, go ahead and add a little milk or water. 




Once the "batter" is ready, pour it into the pan all at once. It should immediately start sizzling, and you'll know it' almost ready to flip over when the edges turn white and start fading to a light brown.


You flip doesn't have the be perfect, but the egg should be solid enough to put stuff in. Once the other side is cooked, slide the egg onto the plate.


I love filling omelette burritos with white beans for protein. Cans of white beans come fairly cheap at a little less than a dollar. They go great with salt too! Add them to the edge of the "egg tortilla" and roll it close.


The cucumber infusion takes a little more preparation. The night before, you should take a cucumber and cut it into slices. They can be thinner than this, but the maximum thickness of the slices should be half an inch. Fill the bottle or cup  to the 1/4 to 1/2 point before filling the rest with water. After sitting overnight, the cucumber taste should sink into the water.


The cucumber water tastes super refreshing with the burrito. Enjoy!

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