Thrifty Breakfast Series #9: Avocado Yogurt And Raspberry Infusion

July 20, 2018


Whose ready for more thrifty breakfast, starring my new favorite thing, infusions!


Before we get to that, let's cover the main course. I absolutely love yogurt. a lot of flavored yogurt is packed with sugar and fat, but plain Greek yogurt is an awesome substitute for sour cream and goes great with just about any added fruit or vegetable.


I think breakfast for a lot of people is a no vegetable meal. We're used to the early morning boost from breakfast cereals and carefully crafted meals with berries on them seem more likely to pop up on Instagram than someone's plate.


But yogurt is super easy to make appetizing! You don't have to be good at boiling oatmeal or have a intimate knowledge of what fruits taste best together. Just dump produce into that white cream!


Avocado is high on my recommended list for vegetables to add to Greek yogurt. Avocado can be pretty creamy and soft, which goes good with the natural texture of Greek yogurt. because of it's similarities to sour cream, it can feel like your cheating and eating baked potato ingredients.


It's pretty easy to make. Just go to the produce section, softly test some avocados, cut them open, remove the pit and add them to a serving of Greek yogurt. You can mash it up, but it's soft enough that the flavor will still blend pretty well if you leave it alone.



Infusions take a little more time. Raspberries pair great with this meal, so the night before you prepare to eat, dump some into a tall glass of water and let it chill overnight.


I recommend putting them in first, filling the container 1/4 to 1/2 of the way before adding water. If it's a water bottle, go ahead and fill it to the brim. After about seven hours, the taste of the fruit will have set into the bottle, and you'll have a snack at the bottom.

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