July 20, 2018


There are people who try to skimp by in every industry, but cheap baby shirts are on another level.



Babies, of course, are pure and sensitive. They need a lot of care and their skin needs to be considered when it comes to products. Whether you are making food that could possibly change their homeostasis, creating baby lotion or making clothes, you could get sued for neglecting to actually put care into what you create.


WHICH IS WHY CHEAP BABY CLOTHES ARE SO WILD. At their very worse they're very itchy, but at their very best the clothes are super meme worthy. Good, cheap baby clothes are usually made fro soft fabric that won't cause any negative reaction, but have poor pigmentation.


Similarly, they might just be really plain and try to make up from the lack of design by sticking a bunch of ugly stuff on it like sequins and pom poms. While these editions are not ugly on their own, when applied to cheap baby clothes they're usually in huge clumpy amounts that make the baby's body look super lumpy.


When they're scrunched up though, the designs can look really cool. In face, they come off looking like really expensive scarves. When you put a cheap baby shirt around your neck and tuck in the sleeves so it looks like a unity scarf, it becomes a unique accessory that looks like it cost more than it actually did.

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