Plant Challenge

July 21, 2018

Hey y'all! I'm back with a really fun way to spruce up your bedroom. I call it the plant challenge, but you can technically supplement it with any small object.


I got this idea while looking a succulents. You might recognize them as the most perfect plant that's ever existed: 



They're so plump and squishy! Their size makes them easy to move around too, which is the heart of this challenge. We're basically going to try and get as many plants into the house as possible. This challenge is meant to help anyone whose ever had dreams of being a green thumb gifted garden witch a leg out. It has some good tips for layout in your house.


So let's get started!


Put three plants on your dresser, two small ones and a miniature. I suggest two bright ferns, which looks great next to something dark like a television.



Put two big plants on the sides of your bed. Something floral goes really good here. Your sheets will smell nice and you will wake up to something very visually appealing.



Finish it off with six plants on your desk or at the edge of the room with escalating heights. It makes a nice visual piece and allows you to incorporate lots of different plants with the same color palette. My favorite thing to do is get a bunch of different plants -- fooliage, flowers -- and make sure they're all the same color. Variety and style!


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