Tea Party Recipes #1: Sun Tea

July 21, 2018

Who wants a really cool drink for a party?


If you party casually, all that really matters is having your friends and family with you. but if you're a high achiever, or really like to throw the type of parties that people remember afterwards, you're constantly on the search for unique foods and activities to serve to people.


I really like tea parties. The idea is old enough that people don't expect it, and it's a great way to spruce up a small gathering, especially if the tea is fairly odd.


Sun Tea is pungent and very flavorful. You'll remember the taste for days afterwards, but it's only at it's freshest for about two to three days in a refrigerated air tight jar. It's super easy to make, so let's jump right in!


In order to make Sun Tea, you must put the following ingredients in a jar: 


Rose Hip or Hibiscus; if you can't get them by themselves, you can buy a tea bag brand. Drop in some fresh orange slices alongside it. I say about two oranges worth of slices if you have a big jar or decide to use cuties.



Next add in red clover and some raspberries for extra taste. If you want a little kick to your tea, heterogeneously season the raspberries with cinnamon before adding them.



Drizzle the top of these ingredients with honey before filling  the rest of the jar with water. Let the mix sit in the sun for 4 to six hours. You can strain it out afterwards if you don't want to drink past all the ingredients. Leftovers should be stored in a refrigerator in order to extend its life for up to three days.

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