Thrifty Breakfast Series #11: Blueberry and Lemon Cake Brunch

July 21, 2018

Who wants a sweet breakfast? When we think breakfast, it's usually stuff like bacon and eggs. But on a lazy Sunday when you're drinking tea, an affordable breakfast cake can really hit the spot. It takes a little less than an hour -- just in time for brunch!


You just need six ingredients:


125g of butter

100g blueberries

125g of caster sugar

175g + 1 tblsp of self raising flour

3 big eggs

zest of 1 lemon

1 tblsp of cinnamon



1. Preheat the over to 338 degrees Fahrenheit. Grease up a loaf tin and double line it with baking paper. 


2. In a large bowl, whisk together butter, eggs, sugar, zest and 175g of flour for five minutes until the batter is light.


3. Throw in the blueberries and the 1 tablespoon of flour. Use the spoon to sort of push the batter over it like a fold.


4. Spoon the batter into the tin. Smooth over the surface with a spoon and bake covered with foil for 40 minutes.


5. After 40 minutes, uncover the cake and cook for fifteen more minutes until your cake is gold and springy. Enjoy!

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