16 Ways To Pack Your Schoolbags

July 24, 2018

School is almost back in session, which means it's time to pack! But we're not going to pack school books. We're going to pack a bunch of extras you've might've forgotten or usually wish you had on awkward pinches.


1. An extra pair of headphones and a charger


2. Pads and painkillers


3. Wipes


4. Lip balm and gloss

 5. Kleenex


6. Perfume


7. Deodorant (extra strength, you never know what rank you might encounter


8. Cream

 9. 2 Snacks


10. Gum


11. House key


12. Blank journal

 13. Fully stocked pencil case


14. USB key


15. Calculator


16. Don't forget your homework!

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