Thrifty Breakfast Series #14: Peanut Butter Remixes

July 24, 2018

So far our thrifty breakfast series has been a pretty big hit. We've been showing you creative ways to cook things that cost way less.


But time is money. So here are a couple of super quick thrifty breakfast series recipes to help you save time as well as money. Most of them only take a couple of seconds, so it should be pretty to remember.


You only need two ingredients out of a revolving door of elements:


Peanut Butter



Apple/Crackers/Spoon and Honey/Pasta and Hot Sauce/Milk and Banana with Cinnamon/Toast/Greek Yogurt


1. Cut up some apple slices and dip them in peanut butter.


2. Get some saltines and spread peanut butter on them for a savory salty taste.


3. Spoons make it so you can just eat it with honey, making a great dessert!


4. Melt some peanut butter and mix it with cooked pasta alongside hot sauce and you've got peanut butter.


5. To make a great meal smoothie mix in banana and cinnamon with milk.


6. Make a peanut butter sandwich with toast!


7. For the ultimate protein burst mix peanut butter with Greek yogurt with a very creamy texture. 

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