Thrifty Breakfast Series #15: Cheese Remixes

July 24, 2018

We're got some more quick versions of thrifty breakfasts for you, this time using cheese. We all want to save time as well as money, so we're super excited to share these these with you.


We've got about five quick things you can make with cheese in a couple of seconds. They're all pretty good, so we're sure you can find at least one you will like. 


You only need two ingredients for each meal. Here's your revolving list:





Chips/Tortilla/Bread/Apple/English Muffin and Tomato Sauce/English Muffin and Salsa and Sour Cream


1. Create nachos by grating cheese over chips and zapping it in the microwave.


2.  Make a quesadilla by folding a tortilla over cheese.


3. Make a grilled cheese sandwich or cheesy bread by slicing up the cheese, putting it on bread and melting it together in a pan.


4. Cheese with an apple makes a great snack.


5. Add tomato sauce too an English muffin and sprinkle it with cheese for mini pizzas.


6. If you microwave cheese on top of an English muffin, you can add salsa on sour cream on later for a cool salsa muffin.


I hope you enjoyed this super quick cheese remix! Enjoy your fast meal.

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