Thrifty Breakfast Series #16: Egg Remixes

July 24, 2018

Here's something that might be a little less foreign to you. We've come up with some pretty wild recipes during our time doing 'Thrifty Breakfast Series'


Egg is a pretty standard breakfast ingredient though. It's usually used for stuff like scrambled eggs and spruced up toast. But we've used it to come up with some super quick ways to make thrifty breakfasts.


You'll need two ingredients for each recipe. Here's your revolving door of elements:




Cheese/Tortilla and Hot Sauce/Rice and Soy Sauce/Tomato Sauce/Toast and Pepper


1. Make a cheesy omelet or cheesy eggs by adding cheese to eggs.


2. Cook some scrambled eggs and dump them in a tortilla. Dash on some hot sauce to create a breakfast taco.


3. Mix cooked rice with fried egg and some soy sauce. After you mix it up, you've got a super light dish!


4. Heat up tomato sauce in a pan, then toss in onion and garlic if you have it. Once it's all hot, crack two eggs into the pan to make shakshouka!

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