Thrifty Breakfast Series #17: Avocado Remixes

July 24, 2018

Avocado is the food of legends. It's picked up a lot in popularity in the past few years. That's partly because how easy it is to utilize.


That's why we're going to show you a bunch of ways you can use it to make breakfast. These are all super quick, so hopefully you'll be able to enjoy them super fast.


You'll only need two ingredients for each recipe. Here's your revolving door of food elements:



 Rice and Egg/Bread/Tomato and Bacon and Bread/Greek Yogurt/Egg


1. Fry an egg, cube an avocado and put it all on top of rice. Now you've got a delicious breakfast rice bowl!


2. Make the infamous avocado toast by scooping out an avocado and and spreading it on some bread. You can sprinkle some lime or olive oil on it if you want for extra taste. I personally love it with curry salt!


3. You can create an amazing sandwich by spreading some avocado on some bread and adding some bacon and tomato.


4. You can eat a avocado mixed with Greek yogurt for an amazing creamy taste.


5. Cut an avocado in half and stab the pit with a knife. Gently dislodge the pit and put a gently fried egg into the pit hole. Eat it out for a great snack. add salt and pepper for taste.

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