Cold Shower Hack

July 25, 2018


Cold showers have been a lifesaver for me. And if you have chronically dry skin, it will probably help you to.


There are many ways to combat dry skin. A lot of them involve remembering to drink a copious amount of water and excessive moisturizing. That can be really hard to keep up is you're always on the run, or if you can't afford to keep buying clean water and super moisturizing lotion.


Of course, you could buy a water filter, but those can also be pretty expensive. If they're not for you, you still have to remember to keep filling up a water bottle.


Showering however, only takes a few seconds. You're going to do it every day anyway, so a cold shower is the easiest way to beat dry skin. 


Cold water is known for closing up pores. That's why you take a hot towel and press it to your face to inversely open up pours, then rinse off your cleanser with cold water. Dirty stuff out, clean face on.


I believe this is the main reason why cold showers work for me. My pores are bigger than moon craters. Cold showers are also known for:


Reducing Hair Loss


Clearing Your Mind


Accelerating Your Metabolism


Increasing Alerness


Stimulating the Immune System

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