Giant Head Scarves

July 25, 2018

Since holing myself up in my room for the past week where I only duck out for food, I've discovered a new favorite thing. 



Giant head scarves have allowed to to invest absolutely no effort into my hair. I think everyone knows what these things are, so let's skip straight to talking about all the ways they can be used.


There is of course, the standard method of simply wrapping up your hair. The thing about having a giant scarf, means that this can get more and more creative. You can adequately cover your head with an average scarf, but with an excess of fabric, you can make giant bows and knots you can attach pins to.


Alternatively, giant scarves can make quirky accessories. Turning a very pretty scarf into an ascot is super easy, and it can also be turned into a hipstery tie or a sort of layers hostesses scarf.


Giant scarves also mean the designs are much bigger. By giving them a bigger canvas, you get more material to "match" your jewelry to. I've receives a lot of compliments since matching my earrings to my scarves, largely in part due to the fabric's shiny quality and how it compliments my hoops.

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