Tea Party Recipes #2: How To Make La Croix

July 25, 2018

We're back again with more recipes. When it comes to light, tea party esque drinks, La Croix is close being tea. Like tea, La Croix has a very light taste. That's party because La Croix is a bubbly drink that might taste a little odd with a heavy flavor, but mostly because it's made with the ghost of ingredients instead of the actual ingredients.


Today, in our 'Tea Party Recipes' series, we're going to discuss how to remake La Croix to be a little more personalized for any tea party you might be having. Our method might allow you to add a little more flavor, or get the same flavor you're used to for less.


You'll need two ingredients for each recipe"


Seltzer Water


Any Fruit



This is pretty easy. In fact only takes about four steps. The most troubling step is choosing your flavor. It's basically the same thing as making an infusion.


1. Get a bottle that can be sealed tightly. Try to get something big. Stop by TJ Maxx if you have the chance.


2. Choose a fruit and wash it. Cut it up in small enough pieces that it can be poured into.the bottle.


3. Fill the bottle with the fruit halfway. Top it off by filling the rest of the bottle with seltzer water.


4. Store it somewhere overnight or for at least six hours. It can be refrigerated if you want, but cold temperatures are not needed for the taste to set in.

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