Tea Party Recipes #3: Filled Strawberries

July 26, 2018

Did you miss us? We missed you! We're back with a new way to help you tea party. Today we're showing you an old trick to make special strawberries, which are usually a big hit at parties.


Chocolate stores are one of the few places people still go out, partly for the facade of pretending you're getting something for someone you like but more so for binge eating. One of the more popular things you can get there are strawberries.


Strawberries are pretty versatile. They can be dunked in chocolate, topped with whatever and make great sweet kabobs. Today though, we're just going to cover filling them with stuff. More specifically chocolate.



You only need three things, but you can add other small toppings like walnuts, coconut shavings or almonds if you want.


Let's get started:




Chocolate syrup




1. Find some firm, unbruised strawberries. While softer strawberries might have sweet soft patches, they can fall apart when you try to hollow them out. Proceeding with this little recipe requires a firm grim, and you don't want to squish your main ingredient.


2. Wash the strawberries well.


3. Line the end of the straw with the top of the strawberry and push. Don't allow the straw to bend and make a clear entry and exit hole all the way through.


4. Simply put the end of the chocolate syrup bottle to the hole and fill it!


You can stop the end with tiny toppings if you want to close up the hole and add more flavor. It goes great with tea, so enjoy.

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