Taking Off Your Mascara

July 30, 2018

Makeup wipes can get pretty pricey. At least, they are when you're on a budget. when you're trying to say, anything that feels more than the traditional bare essentials can feel like too much. Which is a real shame, considering all the lovely things makeup can do for you.


I'm not just talking about basic aesthetics. Maybe it's because people are used to seeing women wearing it either on television or elsewhere, but women seen without makeup are often assumed to be "sickly" or "worn out". If you're used to wearing makeup on a daily basis, you've probably heard this a few dozen times. The confidence that comes with wearing makeup can fade away, and on a day where you want to give your face a break, it can feel a bit like a blow when someone suddenly reveals to you that you "look sort of roughed up". Your natural face looks unnatural.


This is in no way fair. One of the easier ways to combat this is to start acclimating non makeup days regularly, at least until people start to realize that they're kind of being rude.


"Oh my god, do you have to flu or something?"


"No, this is just my face."


Awkward silence.


In order to help you with the process, we've got a quick lifehack for you.



Taking off your mascara is probably the hardest makeup removal situation when it comes to winding down. 


Instead of nearly ripping out all your eyelashes by pinching at them with a wipe, get an eyelash wand and swipe it through some Vaseline. "Apply" it to your eyelashes in order to pull the mascara off, before getting dabbing away any Vaseline residue with a towel.


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