Unbuttoned Shirt

July 30, 2018


Hey guys, we want to share another cool transform post with everyone today starring a new style we've been working on.


The 2010s have been a great year for fashion. Clothes have been getting cheaper and cheaper as people become more experimental. Awards shows attended by stars have embraced chests especially. Pasties under sheer dresses trended hard when they were in the spotlight.


Going braless has also taken off for people who are bold enough to try it. Rhianna has spearheaded this with her incredible taste in multiple music videos and paparazzi appearances, which brings us to today's topic.


Unpopping a few buttons has been a thing for forever, but that's much different than leaving your shirt fully exposed. This one's an attention grabber -- as long as you can insure you won't have a nip slip.


If you want to increase your boldness points, go for something silky and a bit sheer. The slippery feel of the fabric will feel nice against your skin and it ups the anty, especially if you tie it in a knot like in the picture above.


Doing this gives you an awful amount of freedom you might not feel used to. It's a bit like a cool breeze on your face but better, and your fabric selection increases the chance that the blouse will billow, giving your a very picturesque appearance.


We highly suggest situating it with a bibby pin so you don't risk it coming "undone". When you first try to slip into this style, move around so if it shifts you know you won't accidentally flash everyone.

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