A Clown Sneezes And Creates A Modern Art Piece

August 5, 2018

As a thrift site, Under15 is constantly trying to find new ways to use things. That way you get the most bang for your buck. So we're super happy to share a brand new way for you to use makeup for art, and we're not talking about the artistry of beating your face.

A substantial portion of our employees suffer from depression on account of being alive. Maintaining consciousness during this year of our Lord twenty gayteen helps, but in order to further encourage them coming into work, we hired a clown.


Now, unless you're secretly a clown in a person suit, you know clowns are terrible. So having the clown show up on their doorsteps and spook them out of the house used to be super effective. However, a brave heroine who will not be named but likes to be called Alexandria Turner defied the painted entertainer.

After a two-day weekend marathon of eating junk food and avoiding sunlight at all costs, Turner contracted a strange bug. The hyper-intelligent grasshopper then carried out her hit on the clown and infected it. 

The clown's sinister honking soon turned to wheezing as he was crippled with disease. He attempted to file for leave from the terrible contract we gave him, but he couldn't keep his eyes open long enough to fill out a form. The fifth time he tried to complete one, his watery sniffs turned into a huge sneeze and God Almighty there was clown makeup everywhere.

We were immediately captivated. His pale white paint mixed with the red for his lips to make a beautiful pink splatter. The way it clotted around words with little flecks of mucus was truly inspiring.

If you're looking for a cheap way to make art and can't afford a lot of supplies, you should try this! Just apply your usual face of makeup. In order to get sick, just start licking things. We started with crosswalk poles and started coughing almost immediately.

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