Add Extra Flavor Into Your Soda

August 7, 2018

Hey guys, we're back with a quick drink hack that's sure to elevate your soda game.

This isn't really for a super formal dinner or even a quick together where you pull sodas out the box. When it comes to self-care, days alone are important. This recipe is for a day alone. I think its best for lazy days. Private movie marathons are the time for twists on classics. Try throwing one on a lazy day. You can make stuff like chocolate drizzled popcorn, or a fancy ice cream Sunday.


Or you can try this cool drink hack. Part of the reason why our favourite drinks are our favourites is that they already taste great. But if you've ever been to a fast food place, you might've found a version you've never tried. I talking about drink machine with "vanilla flavoured Ginger Ale" or "raspberry Coke".

You can copy these flavours at home by using ice cubes. Buy the classic version of your favourite drink. Then start simple with something like vanilla bean flavouring. 


Fill a couple spots in your ice tray with 75% vanilla bean flavouring per cube space. Fill the rest with water.

You don't want too much water or else the flavour of the soda will be diluted when the ice cubes start to melt. Having a majority of vanilla bean flavouring will keep the integrity of the drink when it starts to drink. You'll have a nice injection of something different. Your drink will be the same in the way you love, and different in a way you'll fall in love with.

As you do this more and more, you can mix up the "vanilla bean". A lot of fo stores like Walmart have drink flavouring meant for alcohol. It usually doesn't have alcohol itself, so you can use it in your ice cubes. Flavouring includes stuff like lime and blueberry.


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