Tea Party Recipes #4: Tea Ramen

August 7, 2018

The tea party is back with an all-new recipe we're sure you'll love!

When we think tea party, we usually think of light desserts. Cute things like macaroons and tea cakes are usually at the forefront of tea party snacks.


However, if you're an enthusiastic tea enthusiast, you'll probably want more. There are a ton of teas besides light chamomile and lavender. More flavours like those containing orange zest and cinnamon are certainly more robust. Robust teas often feel like they need a meal.

Not a big meal of course. If you eat too much, you won't have any room for tea. A small bowl of special ramen is a great accompaniment for a robust tea. Especially if you mix a little tea with it.


You only need a couple of things:

Ramen (Try to keep it around $2.)

Black Tea (Go with the cheapest one!)

Fresh Green Onion (Usually cheap.)



Baby Tomato

Note, due to our attempts to keep things affordable, this, of course, isn't going to be a  super authentic recipe. It's based more on experimentation and coming up with something nice we've continued to make. 

1. Take a pan and fill the bottom with water. Set a cup of water to the side. Put the pan on the burner.

2. Wait until the pan begins to steam and add the ramen. Place a lid on top so the water will continue to steam the noddle. 

3. Chop all the green onion.

4. Cut the baby tomatoes in half. Pepper them generously.

5. Start a pot for the boiled eggs. Let it start to bubble before adding salt and the eggs. 

6. Check on the ramen and add the green onion alongside the peppered tomatoes.

7. Once the eggs have boiled for 7 minutes, take them out. Turn off the burner on the ramen. As you peel the boiled eggs, add the black tea back to the ramen broth with the tomatoes and onion. There should be enough broth that the tea steeps.

8. Cut the boiled eggs in half and add them to the ramen. 

9. Pour everything into a small bowl and enjoy it with your tea!

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