Thrifty Breakfast Series #19: Ponyo Bacon And Eggs With Tomato Soup

August 7, 2018

Who missed the thrifty breakfast series? We totally did! We're back with a movie inspired breakfast.

Ponyo, if you don't know, is a beautifully animated Ghibli movie. It has a very unique colour palette and a way of approaching storytelling that's really special. Instead of being particularly action-packed throughout, it focuses on the relationship between the two protagonists.

Any of the scenes with eating is great. Every plate of food looks like a feast, even if the meal is super simple. Characters always look like they're diving in, which is what inspired us to make this breakfast.


You only need five things:

Tomato Soup





You're only going to need to "cook" two things. Namely the bacon and eggs. To get the meal exact, you'll want freshly sliced bacon. Usually, you can go to the store deli and ask for it slices or a slab of bacon you can cut yourself. That's how you get a thick cut. But if you can't afford that, regular bacon is fine.

1. Fry the bacon in one pan and start up another. 

2. Cover the bottom of the pan with a thin layer of canola oil. 
It should start gently popping before you do anything else.

3. Crack two eggs in a bowl and quickly pour them into a pan. They should start sizzling immediately. Cooking them together will make them literally cook together like in the picture.  

3. Once the edges start to turn brown, gently dislodge the bottom of the eggs and shift them around the pan. Do not flip them!

4. Check on the bacon. It should be cooked to your preference, but if its softly done (not exactly crunchy) the "pink parts" should be lightly brown. Put them on a plate and save the grease in the pan.

5. Pour your tomato soup into a bowl and pop it in the microwave.

6.  Pour the bacon grease into the eggs. They should almost be done -- with a white yolk and juicy yellow eyes.

7. Take out the soup, plate the bacon and carefully pour the eggs next to them. 

8. Saw the end off a baguette and cut a slice for yourself.

9. Cut a chunk of cheese off on a saucer.

10. Place all the food on the table and enjoy. Try eating the cheese with the bread. Drinking the tomato soup instead of finishing it off with a spoon is super fun.

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