Two Weeks Of Cheap Challenges

August 7, 2018


9. Clean your room thoroughly each Friday. Vacuum, reorganize and fold all your clothes. Organizes types -- pajamas and day wear -- by drawers. Wipe down any mirror you might have and vigorously go over your keyboard with a wet wipe. When you're done, sit down and light a nice candle. Your room will be so nice!


10. Start taking showers with your iPhone. Assemble a nice playlist while you scrub yourself down. Lather your body with some nice bubble bath and get some nice scrub. Go through your toes with exfoliating gloves for super soft feet. They're usually only a couple of dollars.


11. Start taking walks. Go to places you've never been and try to introduce yourself to at least one stranger.


12. Catch up with someone! Try to get together with someone or message an old friend with a funny joke. 


13.  Find a book or long series of web articles about something that interests you that you've never really followed up on. Educate yourself.


14. Instead of just setting your standards for potential love interests high, set your standards for yourself high. Become the sort of person you would fall in love with. Be kind to people, try to pick up traits you find attractive; getting a new hobby can really help with changing your personality. Compliment more people and challenge yourself everyday. Walk with confidence and try to get closer to acquaintances.


15. Take a sun bath. Find a sunny spot and lay there is something short. Let yourself daydream of meditate for a while. Finish it off with a picnic.

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