Color Code The Cheerleader Effect

August 9, 2018



Ever heard of the cheerleading effect? It's the idea that a person is more attractive when they're in a group of other people. The term came from, of course, cheerleaders. It's kind of silly, but if you're the type of person that lives for the "aesthetic", it can be pretty useful.

The origin is a bit demeaning, but it doesn't have to stay the same. It kind of carries a connotation of asking out a girl when she's out with her friends and being disappointed when you have her alone. We're going to turn it into a vibrant way of showing off a cool variety of shades.

Since we know you and your friends are already fly, we're going to focus less on the actual look of everyone's face and more on what they're wearing. Having a bunch of pretty ladies is a nice canvas, and the best paintings have an interesting palette.

Pick three shades to base the entirety of your outfits on. Be considerate when coming up with your colors. For this fashion exercise, you're not allowed to stray from them at all. 

I personally like picking three shades of the same color. Like so:



Starting with the same color provides a thread of consistency. Don't assign one shade per person. Just stay tied to the three colors throughout the group. Feel free to mix the three shades up as much as you can on your bodies. Having them layered on top of each other looks really nice. So all three of them in a group of people that's together is amazing. You increase the look of an outfit that it might've had alone. Pairing it up with a bunch of others that have the same theme creates maximum "cheerleader effect".

This is an awesome, cheap way to make your outfits look more expensive. Matching makes an outfit look like it was part of a set!

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