DIY High Quality Face Paint With Makeup Dupes

August 13, 2018


As a lot of us get older, the desire to remember our childhoods get stronger. A lot of people wrongly characterize this as being childish instead of childlike. The way a lot of childhood activities are framed come off as being juvenile. Traditional facepaint, for example, can be fairly cheap. As the day progresses, it becomes messy in a way that we usually only accept from children.

Bettering your facepaint game only takes a change of product. Instead of face paint that chips, try using makeup. More specifically, makeup dupes. Makeup can get pretty expensive, but it blends better than cheap face paint. You can create more vibrant face paints. You just need to stay under budget.

Great makeup dupes include FitMe foundation, which is usually little more than five dollars. It creates a great base. The rest of your design will have something smooth to stick to. The features will also stick out more since your face will be one color. A splotchy face can distract from the rest of your design.

Next up is a proper "pencil". The best part of face painting is the bright colors. If you have an unsteady hand though, it can come out uneven. A "pencil" can be used to draw out shapes to be colored in later. A "pencil" is also great for thin features like whiskers. I've used Maybelline Master Precise All Day Liquid Eyeliner Makeup Black for regular makeup and face paint. It lasts a little less long than more expensive brands, but the color/lines it makes is very strong. It retails at little more than six dollars.

Finally, the last requirement is matte lipstick. Any matte lipstick will really do since you're using it to color in shapes more than your lips. Go with the one that reacts well with your skin and budget. I recommend any Maybelline matte lipstick that's liquid. The brush makes it easier to "paint".

Bonus: For a "watercolor" effect, go with an especially pigmented lip gloss. It doesn't work for pale colors. But dark lipgloss colors like raspberry creates a colorful sheen.

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